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Parcours de Valençay à Luçay le Mâle et retour :

  • Départs à 10h00 et 16h45
  • Parcours de 22 km aller-retour, durée 2h45 environ, avec une pause de 30mn à Luçay le Mâle.

Parcours de Valençay à La Gauterie et retour :

  • Départs à 15h00 et 16h45
  • Parcours de 12 km aller-retour, durée 1h15 environ.
Les lundis, mardis, jeudis, vendredis et samedis, à partir du 1er juillet

Horaires détaillés sur le site internet :




Vélorail of  Valençay

Come and have fun and discover the countryside of the Valençay areawith the Vélorail de Valençay!

A fun and sportive activity, in the Forêt de Gâtines, accessible toeveryone thanks to the electric assistance.

From the TER station in Valençay, you can take a ride at your ownpace direction of La Gauterie (commune of Veuil) and Luçay-le-Mâle,where you can discover the charming 1902 train station, entirelyrestored by the municipality. A sporty and shaded walk accessible toeveryone, in the Forêt de Gâtines, meadows and fields.


Route from Valençay to Lucay le Male and back :

  • Departures at 10:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.
  • Round trip of 22 km, duration approximately 2h45, with a 30mn break in Lucay le Male.

Route from Valençay to La Gauterie and back:

  • Departures at 3:00 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. 12 km
  • Round trip, duration approximately 1h15.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from July 1

All bike rails are electrically assisted and can be disengaged! Thanksto the electric motor, no effort is required.The sport mode without battery needs to be a minimum sporty.Attention: the number of places is limited to 40. Reservation isrequired on the website or by phone.

Information and ticket sales on www.vélorail-de-valençay.fr